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Organic Heirloom Seeds

Discover the essence of sustainable agriculture with our exceptional collection of organic heirloom seeds. Cultivate a garden that yields flavorful and nutritious produce and preserves the rich biodiversity of heirloom varieties. Our commitment to environmental stewardship ensures that each seed is free from synthetic additives, promoting a healthier and more resilient ecosystem—and all of this begins with an heirloom seed kit.

What is an ARK Heirloom Seed Kit?

1) Heirloom Seeds – Our heirloom seed kits include only seed varieties that are heirloom, which mean they reproduce after their own kind.  You can save seeds from the kit and regrow next year.  

2) Organically Grown – We provide organic heirloom seeds, and all our seed varieties are grown organically to ensure top-quality produce with the most nutrient-rich vitamins.

3) Variety of Kits – We have a variety of premium non-GMO heirloom seeds kits: All-In-One Seed KitBackyard, and Build Your Own.

4) Seed Guide – Our Seed Guide teaches you how to grow your organic seed kits, harvest your produce, and save your own seeds.

5) Sustainable Packaging – Each heirloom seed kit is sealed and labeled separately to aid with use and longevity. Our All-In-One open pollinated non-GMO vegetable seeds come in a self-sealed container designed for long storage. It can be opened for seeds to be planted and then sealed for the next growing season. This ensures the seeds will last for years.

We carefully select and prepare our heirloom seed kits with a special selection of premium seeds for your garden. These kits empower you to grow a wide range of heirloom vegetables, fruits, and herbs, preserving the authentic flavors passed down through generations.

For those prioritizing preparedness, our survival seed kit is an indispensable resource. Packed with hardy heirloom seeds, this kit gives you a reliable food source in challenging times. Choose us for your heirloom seed needs, and join a community dedicated to fostering sustainable agriculture while securing a bountiful and resilient future.

ARK Heirloom Seeds is a non-GMO seed company. Contact us and order our premium organic heirloom seeds today!

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