Heirloom seeds are special, and each seed has a long history. They also need proper care to stay intact and to keep that history going. That’s why you need to take proper care to store them correctly—so that can eventually grow into full blooming plants. To help you do that, here’s a guide to properly storing heirloom seeds.

Sealed Containers

To start, your seeds should only sit in an airtight container. You want something that can hold your seeds without exposing them to air; otherwise, the seeds won’t grow properly later. Many people use glass jars, but any airtight box or container should work.


Even though you’re using an airtight container, you still need to control the environment around the container. You want a place with an even temperature—without fluctuations—to keep the seeds good. Just above freezing, or about 32 degrees Fahrenheit, is the standard for many seeds.


Another environmental factor you should control is the humidity of the storage area. You shouldn’t keep seeds near any liquids or humidity. These will ruin the seeds, preventing them from growing. It’s best to store seeds in a dry area that won’t get wet.


For long-term storage of your seeds, which is recommended for heirloom herb seed kits and other large kits of seeds, you’ll want to put them into a refrigerator or freezer. This should help you control the seeds’ environment and keep them healthy for a long time. With a good refrigerator, you don’t need to worry about your seeds being in the wrong temperature or humidity, and they’ll stay good for years to come.

This is just a guide to properly storing heirloom seeds to help you keep them viable as long as possible. If you properly house the seeds, you can use them for years, possibly even handing them down to someone else and helping the seeds grow their history. All it takes is some proper storage.