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About Ark Heirloom Seeds

What is an ARK Seed Kit?

ARK Seed Kits are the most complete kit available.  With the ARK Seed Kit, you do not have to worry about buying separate kits, or add-ons.  With ARK, you simply can buy one kit and have everything you need, in any climate you reside in.  With ARK Seed Kits you will be ready for any economy.  The ARK All-in-One Seed Kit is comprised of 70 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herb seeds.  All ARK seeds are heirloom.  Each type is labeled and sealed separately, for ease of use and longevity. Our kits come in a self-sealed container that is designed for long storage and ease of use.  With the ARK container you can access seeds and still seal it back up when you are done.  This ensures your seeds last for years. NOW IS THE TIME TO INVEST IN ARK SEED KITS.

Our Mission & Purpose

– To provide the highest quality of heirloom seeds in a sustainable container offering long and short term storage.

– To bring seed saving knowledge and food preparedness to you and your community.

Emergency Preparedness & Gardeners

1) Emergency Preparedness – Ark Seed Kits are designed first and foremost to this market. Each kit is designed to sustain a individual or family with food for many years. We have packaged the kits to last up to 10 years and with the seeds being heirloom, they will reproduce for many more years to come. Our Kits are packed with seeds producing a high- protein, high-calorie diet. This is designed to provide food security during any possible food shortages. Our best seller is the ALL-IN-ONE kit as ensures sustainability with over 70 varieties and over 50,000 seeds. NOW IS THE TIME TO INVEST IN AN ARK SEED KIT!

2) Gardeners – Whether a novice or experienced gardener, our seed kits have offered a nice variety already prepackaged. Our kits cut time out of shopping for individual packs, with the risks of stores being sold out of certain varieties for your spring planting. A discount of up to 75% provides a huge savings for you as well. Having the assurance of high quality, organically grown, heirloom seeds all packed together has become very helpful to many gardeners. Our Build-Your-Kit is a favorite for many gardeners.


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