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What To Look For When Choosing Seeds for Your Garden

If you’re unsure of what to look for when you’re choosing seeds for your garden, check out this list of the three factors every gardener should consider when selecting their seeds. They Should Match Your Skill Level Many people don’t think about the difficulty of growing certain plants when they purchase seeds. However, certain crops have complicated needs that some beginner gardeners may struggle to satisfy. Planting complex produce can detract from the enjoyment of gardening and make the whole activity unrewarding. To avoid complications, especially as a newbie, consider purchasing seeds that have straightforward requirements. Some typically successful crops… Read More »

5 Pointers Gardening Beginners Need To Know

As the weather warms, many people consider becoming first-time green-thumb enthusiasts. Planting seeds in your backyard or local community garden is mentally stimulating and gives you constant access to fresh food. If this activity interests you, use these five pointers gardening beginners need to know. Start Small As with any new hobby, the easiest way to succeed is to start small. Gardening is a complicated process, and biting off more than your can chew will add stress to your life and ruin the entire experience. So always focus on simple goals, such as only growing a few select plants at… Read More »

What’s the Latest: Popular Vegetables To Grow in 2022

Late springtime is a beautiful time if you’re an enthusiastic, green-thumbed individual. If you’re ramping up your backyard garden in the coming days and weeks, it’s often fun to grow certain plants that you’ve never done before. If you’re interested in the latest, most popular vegetable to grow in 2022, read on to learn more! This blog will guide you on the best veggie options for this season and beyond. Salad Greens Varieties The National Garden Bureau has declared 2022 the “Year of the Salad Greens.” Luckily, there is a wide variety of salad greens you can plant in your… Read More »

5 Tips for Preparing Your Garden for the Spring

  If you’ve followed our other blogs that covered how to maintain your garden for the winter seasons, you’ve been waiting for this moment for months—spring is almost here! That means it’s time to start preparing your little plot of land for the upcoming fertile season. Whether you’re fully ready for the next few months or scrambling to get everything in order, we’ve covered you. Here are five tips for preparing your garden for the spring. Spring Cleaning Most people associate spring cleaning as a dreadful time where we spend a weekend or two completely organizing our homes. For green-thumbed… Read More »

Tips for Protecting Your Backyard Garden From Severe Weather

Growing and maintaining a personal garden is a fantastic experience for a few reasons. Primarily, it’s quite rewarding to see a successful harvest after months of hard work. Additionally, the fresh produce comes in handy for healthy homecooked meals with the family. However, the changing seasons bring forth adverse climate conditions that can be detrimental to your garden. Here are our tips for protecting your backyard garden from severe weather this winter and other seasons. Snow and Ice During winter, the temperatures outside can get frigid. If you live in an especially cold region of the country, your crops and… Read More »

Tips for Starting a Backyard Vegetable Garden

During the thick of a cold, windy winter, it’s hard to imagine going out back and starting a garden for yourself. However, it’s best to begin preparing a plot of land sooner rather than later so that your crops will thrive come spring. For your convenience, check out these tips for starting a backyard vegetable garden. Start Slow and Steady The quickest way to set yourself up for failure when you’re starting a veggie garden is by aiming too high. Start off small and work your way up to a larger operation, especially if you’re a novice. Pick out one… Read More »

A Brief Guide to Plant Hardiness Zones for Gardens

Having an eager green thumb is a fantastic way to supply your own food while maintaining an engaging hobby. Many gardeners enjoy connecting with nature while growing their plants—not to mention the pride of a successful harvest. Ultimately, planting appropriately in relation to your specific zone raises your chances of a better yield. For your convenience, here’s a brief guide to plant hardiness zones for gardens. What Are Hardiness Zones? In short, hardiness zones refer to different areas of the country whose weather conditions and soil types determine if a specific plant will thrive. The country is divided up into… Read More »

The Timeless Benefits of Growing Heirloom Seeds

If you are ever in the market for seeds, you’ll often see that there are two major options: heirloom seeds and hybrid seeds. The seeds may look similar, but they couldn’t be more different. Heirloom seeds are seeds, typically older than 100 years, that farmers felt were their best crops. They then save these seeds and sell them as heirloom seeds for others’ enjoyment and farms. Hybrid seeds are seeds of plants that people breed together to create the standard crops you find in grocery stores. So, you’d have to learn about the timeless benefits of growing heirloom seeds to… Read More »

How To Make a Profit From the Garden in Your Backyard

Turning a profit with your hobbies is the dream job, as getting income from something you love doing is a wonderful feeling. A garden is a great example of this, and most people can make money off their gardens if they really try. It doesn’t even take a lot of time; you just need to know how to make a profit from the garden in your backyard. Sell Your Produce The first and most obvious thing you can do is sell the produce from the plants in your garden. From fruits and vegetables to decorative flowers, you can find a… Read More »

The Most Common Gardening Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Gardening is a great hobby for anyone who wants to add color and fragrance to their life, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. After you pick up your seeds or plant, whether they’re from an organic seed kit or online ordering, you need to balance the dozens of factors that play a part in the growth of a good garden. That’s why you should learn about the most common gardening mistakes you need to avoid so that your garden has a chance to grow strong. Location Mistakes The place you put your plants is extremely important to their… Read More »


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