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The Many Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Many people plant their own gardens and grow their own food, but why do they go through all that effort when grocery stores exist? Simply put, they know the many benefits of growing their own food instead of just buying it from a store. Read about some of these benefits below. You Can Control What You Eat A grocery store is a place of profit, meaning it sells what makes it the most money, and that’s it. Massive chains that buy food in bulk, especially, sell a lot of food that was grown using pesticides and fertilizer. Growing your own… Read More »

A Guide to Properly Storing Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom seeds are special, and each seed has a long history. They also need proper care to stay intact and to keep that history going. That’s why you need to take proper care to store them correctly—so that can eventually grow into full blooming plants. To help you do that, here’s a guide to properly storing heirloom seeds. Sealed Containers To start, your seeds should only sit in an airtight container. You want something that can hold your seeds without exposing them to air; otherwise, the seeds won’t grow properly later. Many people use glass jars, but any airtight box… Read More »

Tips for Growing a Healthy and Flourishing Garden

Just about everyone likes to see a beautiful garden in front of their house. But the work that goes into making a healthy garden isn’t easy. It requires lots of knowledge and proper care to have anything grow successfully. To help jumpstart your understanding of this, try learning these tips for growing a healthy and flourishing garden! Find What Grows Every plant is different, and this extends to the environment they need to grow. Some plants will only grow in certain climates and seasons. If you plant seeds when it’s not the right time or place, you’ll wind up with… Read More »

Most Nutritious Fruits and Veggies You Can Grow at Home

Growing your own food is a great way to save money and know what’s in your food. Plus, eating something you have grown is one of the best feelings. But not every fruit or vegetable is the same, so you will need to pick what to grow. To help you decide, here are the most nutritious fruits and veggies you can grow at home. Kale Kale is a superfood for a reason. Very few other foods can compare to its nutrition content. It has a lot of fiber and vitamin C, among a whole host of other beneficial nutrients. It… Read More »

Seed-Starting Tips to Help You Get Started on Your Garden

Starting your own garden takes a lot of knowledge and preparation of both the soil and the seeds. Planning how to plant your seeds and what pots to use is very important. Ineffective planning can reduce your seed growth or outright kill any seeds you plant. Even after the planning stages, you have to follow certain recommendations to see the best growth. These seed-starting tips to help you get started on your garden are the first best steps . Proper Storage To start, the storage of your seeds is vital to their growth. Seeds need proper storage so they can… Read More »

The Difference Between Heirloom and Hybrid Seeds

For many consumers who are not aware, there seems to be little or no difference between plants of the same kind. One tomato seed is no different than another tomato seed. However, this could not be farther from the truth, especially when you look at the difference between heirloom and hybrid seeds. Even when a plant produces the same fruit, there will be massive differences if one is heirloom and one is hybrid. Hybrid Seeds A hybrid seed is the product of a human manipulating a plant’s pollination. Generally, a hybrid seed results from the selective breeding of plants with… Read More »


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