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EDUCATIONAL – Heirloom Seeds vs. Hybrid Seeds

You may be asking “Why buy heirloom seeds?” Heirloom simply mean that the seed has been around for generations. Just as you would buy heirloom furniture for its excellence and tradition, heirloom seeds have stood through drought, disease, and blight. Hybrid seeds, on the other hand, have been altered genetically. We still don’t have a great deal of research on what this does to the human body. We do know however, that the alteration done to the seed can, and usually does, render it useless for the following year. With heirloom seeds you can harvest healthy seeds each year. It is important to note: 1) heirloom and open pollinated seeds ARE one in the same 2) seeds labeled “organic” are NOT necessarily heirloom or open pollinated 3) All heirloom seeds are not necessarily organically grown.  Organic refers only to the method used to grow the seeds. Make sure any seeds you purchase are ORGANICALLY GROWN HEIRLOOM SEEDS.

MEDICINAL HERBS SEED GUIDE (how to grow and harvest Medicinal Heirloom Seeds)

CULINARY HERBS SEED GUIDE  (how to grow and harvest Culinary Heirloom Seeds)


ARK Seed Kits VS. Other Seed Companies

Why choose ARK Seed Kits over another company? There are some key factors to look at when purchasing your seed bank…

1) How are the seeds packaged? How long will they store?
Many seed companies today are packaging in paper, cans, buckets, envelopes and so on. It is very important that seeds are sealed and stored in a cool, dry, airtight, container. We have had many people contact us who have bought a seed bank online, planted the seeds and received little to no harvest. This is due to poor packaging and lack quality of seeds.

ARK Seed Kits are packaged and sealed for each variety to store for up to 10 years in a cool, dark, dry location. The kits can be opened and used from year to year and as long as they are sealed and stored in the proper climates.

2) Seed counts
When looking at seed counts, it is important to look for the amount of each variety. Many companies offer 1) a total count, not an individual count, or 2) a majority of their count is with low calorie foods, like lettuce and broccoli. The seeds are small and count for a majority of the total count. So, if a total seed count is listed at 50,000 seeds, make sure you know the seed count of each variety.

ARK Seed kits are listed with seed counts for each variety. We have also given a generous seed count for high-protein, high-calorie foods like beans, corn, parsnips, tomatoes, and many other root crops. The high-calorie, high-protein seeds are higher in price, which increase the price of a kit. It is important to keep this in mind, when choosing your seed bank based on cost.


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