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Soil Amendments

The key to a healthy plant, is having healthy soil. Soil amendments are materials which are added into the soil to increase the amount of nutrients in the soil. The more nutrients in the soil, the more nutrients in the plant. The more nutrients in the plant, the more nutrients in its fruit. It is very important to know what your soil is made up and what it is lacking. A soil sample test is an easy way to find out what your soil is made up of and what it lacks. Once you know what is lacking, you can then add the right ingredients and minerals to make it rich and full of life.

If you are starting seedlings from new soil, here is a highly rich soil formula:

  • 30 Quarts- Compost (At least 2 years old, well mixed)
  • 15 Quarts- Peat
  • 15 Quarts- Leaf Mold (At least 2 years old, broken down old leaves)
  • 1 Cup- Kelp
  • 1 Cup- Green Sand
  • 1 Cup- Feathermeal
  • 1 Cup- Rock Phosphate
  • 1\2 Cup- Lime

This formula can also be used to amend soil before planting a new season of crops. It puts nutrients and life back into the soil that was taken out from the previous year. 
This cannot be highlighted enough!!! The health of your soil is KEY!!!


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