Growing your own food is a great way to save money and know what’s in your food. Plus, eating something you have grown is one of the best feelings. But not every fruit or vegetable is the same, so you will need to pick what to grow. To help you decide, here are the most nutritious fruits and veggies you can grow at home.


Kale is a superfood for a reason. Very few other foods can compare to its nutrition content. It has a lot of fiber and vitamin C, among a whole host of other beneficial nutrients. It can even boost your immune system.


Zucchini is tasty in so many dishes and provides a lot of vitamin A and C. In short, this food is good for your heart and immune system. It can even help your eyes and bones.


This is another food with vitamin A and C. These tasty, healthy veggies also contain vitamin E and potassium, among some other nutrients that help the body.


This vegetable is great for getting some fiber, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C into your system. As with a lot of the other plants that provide vitamin A and C, it also helps to boost the immune system.

Bell Peppers

Many popular recipes use bell peppers as a part of the sauce or in the food itself. It is easy to see why—they give you vitamin C and a lot of other antioxidants.


It is hard to list all the ways that one can eat spinach, but just know that many people love this leafy green. It also doubles as a great source of iron, protein, and other vitamins that boost your health.

Now, all of these are just some of the most nutritious fruits and veggies you can grow at home. You can find these foods, among many other nutritious options, in a vegetable garden seed starter kit with plenty of seeds to start your own garden.