All-In-One Vegetable Seed Kit


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All-In-One Vegetable Seed Kit

Our heirloom vegetable seed kits are made using nutritiously packed and organically grown seeds that are sure to exceed your expectations. Each emergency heirloom herb seed kit comes with our seed growing guide uniquely designed to teach you how grow and harvest your produce and save your own seeds. The All-In-One seed kit includes seeds for both vegetables and herbs, and it has a total of 50,000 seeds. Order your heirloom vegetable seed kit today!

Seed Growing Guide included with every All-In-One Seed kit purchase ($15 value)


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THE ALL-IN-ONE HEIRLOOM VEGETABLE AND HERB SEED KIT INCLUDES:  1150 4­‐6 Dry Bean Varieties, 100 Field Corn*, 100 Sweet Corn*, 125 Snap Peas, 100 Dry Peas, 2 Winter Squash Varieties (60 Butternut Squash, 50 Blue Hubbard, 50 Acorn Squash, 50 Buttercup, 50 Spaghetti Squash), 50 Summer Squash, 50 Sugar Pie Pumpkin, 175 Sugar Baby Watermelon, 25 Cantaloupe, 50 Honey Dew Melon, 50 Bell Pepper, 50 Habanero Pepper, 50 Cayenne Pepper, 1000 Parsnips, 300 Beets, 350 Yellow or White Onions, 200 Red Onions, 550 Spinach, 900 Radish, 2000 Turnips, 900 Mustard, 200 Pickling Cucumbers, 50 Eggplant, 900 Curled Kale, 100 Dinosaur Kale, 4000 4 Lettuce Varieties, 500 Arugula, 1350 Broccoli, 1350 Cabbage, 2500 Carrots, 200 Swiss Chard, 200 Brussel Sprouts, 500 Rutabaga, 200 Leeks, 600-800 7 Tomato Varieties, 30,000 16 Varieties of Culinary & Medicinal Herbs



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