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Seeds as Currency

Throughout history, civilizations have entered into various degrees of survival mode. Whether the cause was from war, competing leaders, lack of infrastructure, or disaster, humans have drastically changed their way of life in order to survive.  When studying these periods of history, most times, food insecurity closely followed.  As a result, the value of self-sustaining practices like homesteading and gardening drastically increased and those who have not planned or practiced fall behind.  For example, we saw a marked incline of interest in seeds and organic gardening during the 2020-2022 pandemic.  When food insecurity arises and people panic to find solutions, seeds have been and will be a form of currency to trade and barter.  Dating back to the Mayan civilizations (250-900 CE), cacao beans, chia seeds and beans were often used as high value exchange for household needs and goods.  This ancient way of life has continued to make appearances throughout time.

Fast forward to current times where food scarcity and mass inflation (highest it has been in 40 years) continues to rise, could seed currency be on the horizon?  Similar to investing in gold and silver during economic uncertainty, heirloom seeds hold crucial value in order to provide food security.  Possessing a large amount of heirloom seed stock for you and your family can be equivalent to a savings account.  A single seed holds the keys to growing a plant that can ultimately produce the pillars of survival: food, shelter, weapons and fire.  We encourage you to build your seed stock today, whether through purchasing or growing and saving (or some of both!)  You will be well on your way to building your savings account.


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