Many people plant their own gardens and grow their own food, but why do they go through all that effort when grocery stores exist? Simply put, they know the many benefits of growing their own food instead of just buying it from a store. Read about some of these benefits below.

You Can Control What You Eat

A grocery store is a place of profit, meaning it sells what makes it the most money, and that’s it. Massive chains that buy food in bulk, especially, sell a lot of food that was grown using pesticides and fertilizer. Growing your own food means you can control what chemicals touch your food, giving you a higher level of control over your meals.

It Saves Money

Growing your own food does take a lot of effort, but it can save you a lot of money, too. A good garden can feed a family all year, and you can avoid a lot of the higher costs of groceries. You can even sell any extra food you produce if you follow local laws.

Your Food Tastes Better

A lot of gardeners and local farmers know their foods taste better than store-bought food, and it’s likely because of the differences between heirloom seeds and hybrid seeds. Hybrid seeds are good for bulk production, but heirloom seeds often produce foods that taste far superior. Plus, the satisfaction of growing and eating your own food can really add to the taste as well.

Your Food Will Be Healthier

A good heirloom plant grown in good conditions produces foods that are healthier than many store-bought alternatives. Your choices of fertilizer, soil, plant food, and seeds can produce plants much healthier than anything you can buy, giving you another reason to consider growing your own plants.

These are just a few of the many benefits of growing your own food. The environmental affects of growing your own food is also lower than if you were to buy from a store. If you’re seriously considering getting your own garden, buying a good heirloom seed starter kit and finding an area in which to grow your plants are the first steps you need to take.