Gardening is a great hobby for anyone who wants to add color and fragrance to their life, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. After you pick up your seeds or plant, whether they’re from an organic seed kit or online ordering, you need to balance the dozens of factors that play a part in the growth of a good garden. That’s why you should learn about the most common gardening mistakes you need to avoid so that your garden has a chance to grow strong.

Location Mistakes

The place you put your plants is extremely important to their development. Every plant needs sunlight and access to water, but each plant needs a different amount. Plan your plants’ locations based on the amount of sun they need. Furthermore, spread your plants out so that they don’t choke each other out.

Soil Mistakes

The soil you put your plants in is just as important as a watering schedule or the amount of sun exposure for a healthy garden. Use nutrient-rich soil so that your plants can grow healthy. Also, avoid using too much mulch, as it can trap water and hurt the plant instead.

Planting Mistakes

Many of the big mistakes in gardening come from planting errors. Account for the growth of your plants so that they don’t grow too close. Moreover, make sure you’re planting in time for the season; you don’t want to be too late or too early. Also, you shouldn’t bury your seeds too deep, as they only need to be a few inches under the soil to take proper root.

Watering Mistakes

The biggest mistake people make when watering their plants is overwatering them. Doing this can cause irreparable damage that kills the plants. Find out how much water your plants need and follow that standard to keep them healthy. Take into account your local rain forecast to avoid overwatering as well.

These are the most common garden mistakes you need to avoid for your garden. There are plenty of other things you can do that’ll benefit your garden. For instance, you can plant flowers to attract pollinators and harvest on time.