If you are ever in the market for seeds, you’ll often see that there are two major options: heirloom seeds and hybrid seeds. The seeds may look similar, but they couldn’t be more different. Heirloom seeds are seeds, typically older than 100 years, that farmers felt were their best crops. They then save these seeds and sell them as heirloom seeds for others’ enjoyment and farms. Hybrid seeds are seeds of plants that people breed together to create the standard crops you find in grocery stores. So, you’d have to learn about the timeless benefits of growing heirloom seeds to know why you should care about the different kinds of seeds.

Only the Best

Heirloom seeds do so well because they’re the best crops of farmers that have withstood the test of time. These seeds are sold because people love them and have loved them for decades. Most heirloom seeds produce crops that taste much better than their hybrid equivalents.

Keep Growing More

Hybrid seeds have one glaring problem; you often can’t harvest the seeds from the plants and plant them for more crops. Heirloom seeds don’t have this issue, and you can harvest the seeds from the plants that grow all you want. This means you don’t need to repurchase the seeds for every planting season.


Although farmers choose heirloom seeds for their flavor, they’re not genetically modified organisms or GMOs. There’s no selective breeding or experimentation done with heirloom seeds, and you’ll never worry about supporting that business with heirloom seeds.

Personally Grown

Another benefit that comes with heirloom seeds is that you can grow them yourself, giving you full control over what they come in contact with and when you harvest them. You can use natural pesticides instead of chemicals or use the fertilizer you like, fully controlling the food you’ll eventually eat.

Feed a Nation

Heirloom seeds are great for feeding a large population of people; because of their high quality and growable seeds, you can feed your whole family or even a town with a good seed kit. There are emergency heirloom seed kits that have heirloom seeds of all kinds that help supplement a diet.

There are the timeless benefits of growing heirloom seeds and why they’re so popular to this day. The higher-quality flavor and harvestable seeds make them amazing plants for anyone who wants some fresh foods of their own.