Growing and maintaining a personal garden is a fantastic experience for a few reasons. Primarily, it’s quite rewarding to see a successful harvest after months of hard work. Additionally, the fresh produce comes in handy for healthy homecooked meals with the family.

However, the changing seasons bring forth adverse climate conditions that can be detrimental to your garden. Here are our tips for protecting your backyard garden from severe weather this winter and other seasons.

Snow and Ice

During winter, the temperatures outside can get frigid. If you live in an especially cold region of the country, your crops and garden are at risk of damage. Freezing temperatures easily harm plants and reduce the quality of your soil.

Wrapping certain plants can diminish the occurrence of cold-related issues, and it also repels frost. You can use heavy row covers to guard smaller beds against snowfall and ice frost. Consider anchors as well in the event of a looming winter storm.

Rain and Wind

Spring spells the end of the cold months of winter, but it also means rainy days. Some rainfall is excellent for the condition of your seeds, but outright downpours can quickly ruin your fruits and veggies.

To avoid having excess water, you can use heavy buckets and pots to cover individual plants grounded with rocks and bricks. This method works great for breaking the high-speed winds of autumn, too. You can use wooden stakes to anchor newly planted crops that are most vulnerable to adverse weather.


We’re all looking forward to summer, but the presence of heat waves puts your plants and garden at risk. Intense temperatures and sun exposure quickly dry soil, choking the water supply for your crops. It also makes it very hard for seeds to grow efficiently and healthily.

You can practice watering in the evening and early morning to put less stress on your garden during the hottest times of the day. Reflective mulch helps roots retain moisture while blocking out overly intense sun rays. For especially sweltering days, consider a shade cloth to guard your precious seeds further.

No matter the season, it’s crucial to guard the integrity of your plants. Use these tips for protecting your backyard garden from severe weather so that you can enjoy a bountiful yield. ARK offers quality gardening products, such as our heirloom seed kit. So visit us today for your planting needs.