During the thick of a cold, windy winter, it’s hard to imagine going out back and starting a garden for yourself. However, it’s best to begin preparing a plot of land sooner rather than later so that your crops will thrive come spring. For your convenience, check out these tips for starting a backyard vegetable garden.

Start Slow and Steady

The quickest way to set yourself up for failure when you’re starting a veggie garden is by aiming too high. Start off small and work your way up to a larger operation, especially if you’re a novice. Pick out one to two plants you feel confident growing and maintaining—keeping a lower variety allows you to pay more attention to your vegetables without getting overwhelmed. After a successful first harvest, you can upgrade the diversity of your plants for the next year.

Research Your Region

A plant hardiness zone is a number that determines how well different plants perform in various climates. The hardiest locations (where temperatures get frigid) are classified as 1a; the warmest region is 13b. Refer to the official USDA interactive map to better understand the conditions of your area.

Furthermore, investigate local wildlife and more specific weather patterns. Nearly every aspect of a location plays a significant role in the success of your backyard vegetable garden.

Get Quality Seeds

Of all the tips for starting a backyard vegetable garden, ARK recommends stocking up on only the finest of seeds. Low-quality resources perform less effectively and are subject to disease and poor yields. Our heirloom seed starter kit ensures a plentiful harvest every season, and the taste of these age-old veggies is genuinely remarkable. Ultimately, any highly rated seed packet or kit will set up your garden for more success.

Making a solid plan every season leads to better garden results, and you can benefit from fresh ingredients right from your backyard. Furthermore, there’s no better feeling than seeing your hard work come to fruition. Happy planting!