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Heirloom Chamomile Seeds – Annual

Chamomile – Annual

Besides being a favorite evening herbal tea, dried chamomile flowers in a simple muslin bag make a wonderful, relaxing bath. It is an excellent remedy for all manner of women’s disorders and is especially valuable for problems arising from stress, anxiety, and tension. It has a wonderfully soothing, sedative and absolutely harmless effect. It is considered a preventive and the sole remedy for nightmares.

Inhaling the essential oil lowers stress and helps to counteract allergies and insomnia, which are often factors in anxiety and attention deficit disorder (ADD). Herbalists especially recommend it for sleeplessness in children.

Planting: Take your seed packages and sprinkle these seeds directly onto the surface of the soil. Do not bury the seeds. They need light to germinate.

Harvesting Seeds

Harvesting chamomile seeds is a simple yet fulfilling process steeped in the rhythm of the natural world. Begin by identifying the mature, ready-to-harvest flower heads characterized by their dry and brittle texture. Gently pluck these from the plant, ensuring minimal disturbance to the surrounding blooms still in their prime.

Once you have collected the mature blooms, place them in a dry, well-ventilated, and warm area. Over the course of several days, the seeds will naturally separate from the dried flower heads. You can expedite this process by lightly rubbing the flower heads between your fingers. After this, you can separate the good chamomile seeds from the chaff by gently blowing on them or using a simple sieve. Store them in a cool, dry place until the next sowing season, when they will give rise to a fresh array of calming chamomile flowers.

Medicinal Herbs Tips

Use a paper or plastic bag and rubber band over drying blooms to catch chamomile seeds.

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