Heirloom Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

Harvesting Brussel Sprouts
An insect pollinated biennial, brussel sprouts will cross with all members of Brassica family. Isolation distances of ½ mile are necessary for purity. Seedpods must reach maturity on the mother plant. When pods are dry and brown, they can be harvested and broken open.


Long Island

By far the most popular of the Brussels Sprouts, the Long Island Improved Brussels Sprout is an heirloom variety that’s been producing delicious miniature-like cabbage heads for over 100 years! Plant Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts seeds in spring, summer, or fall – this is a very durable variety that can withstand cooler temperatures. The compact 24 inches plant will yield up to 100 sprouts over an extended period of time. 
Maturity: 90 days

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