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Heirloom Cabbage Seeds

Heirloom cabbage seeds carry with them a legacy of taste, nutrition, and resilience that modern cultivars struggle to match. Our selection of cabbage seeds embodies the rich history and robust flavors cherished by generations. Cultivating these plants is not just an act of gardening but a preservation of biodiversity and heritage.

The vitamins and minerals packed in these leafy greens provide a nutritious boost to any meal. Eating heirloom cabbage brings with it a spectrum of benefits that enhance your dining experience and well-being. These traditional varieties are often richer in nutrients due to their untainted genetic makeup, cultivated without modifications that can dilute a vegetable’s natural benefits. You can enjoy an increased intake of dietary fiber, essential for digestive health, and a boost of antioxidants, which play a critical role in combating oxidative stress.

Harvesting Cabbage Seeds

If you are planning on saving cabbage seeds, keep them separated from all Brassica (Broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, kohlrabi, and cauliflower). Separate by 200 ft. or place a tall barrier between. IN the first year, select disease-resistant plants with firm, table-ready heads. Pull up rots intact, trim off outermost leaves, and store plants in a cool (around 32 degrees), humid place with god air circulation. When the ground can be worked in the spring, replant the head 2 to 3 ft. apart, a little deeper than before. Each cabbage grows a 5ft. tall flower stalk that should be staked. To help it emerge, cut a 1in. deep X into the top of the head after planting. Watch, as the brown seedpods turn yellow, so that you catch the seed before the dispersal. At his point, cut stalks and spread them out on a sheet to dry. Many seeds will spill onto the sheet; thresh out the rest by placing them in a bag and beating with your hands.

Seeds are harvested BIENNIALLY.

Copenhagen Market

The Copenhagen Market cabbage is a beloved heirloom variety, renowned for its solid and spherical heads, which often weigh up to 5 pounds. Developed in Denmark and introduced to the market in 1909, this cultivar quickly became a gardener’s favorite due to its early maturation—ready for harvest just 65 days after planting—and its excellent storability.

Choosing our heirloom cabbage seeds offers you the unique pleasure of growing produce that traces back to a simpler, unmodified past. With every purchase, you partake in a tradition of sustainability, enjoying the unparalleled joy of harvesting your own vibrant cabbage right from the garden.

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