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Heirloom Carrot Seeds

Harvesting Carrot Seeds

Carrots are pollinated by insects and will cross with many other varieties of the same species. They can also cross with the very common roadside weed Queen Anne’s Lace; so, if you are collecting seed, mow any weedy areas before your carrots bloom. If you want to maintain the integrity of our Scarlet Nantes heirloom carrot seeds, keep seed carrots separated from other varieties by 1000 ft. if possible. Carrots produce seed the second year, so it you’re saving seed, roots must be stored over winter and replanted in spring. Dig up roots before first hard frost in the fall, and cut leafy tops to an inch. Bury carrots in a container of damp sand or sawdust and store in cold (around 32 degrees), humid place for winter. When soil can be worked in the spring, throw out withered carrots and replant firm ones outdoors in moist soil 1-2 ft. apart. Set crown of carrot at or just below soil surface. Allow tops to grow and produce a tall, branched flower stalk. Flowers will develop, and seeds will ripen from top branches to bottom. Harvest the seed when the topmost seed heads turn brown in early fall. Seeds must be fully ripe in order to germinate well. Seed heads will begin to shatter 2 months after flowering, so tie bags over the seed heads to avoid losing any seed. To harvest seed; Pull up plants or just cut off seed heads and lay out to dry. Rub off seeds when completely dry. Carrot seeds are harvested BIENNIALLY.

Scarlet Nantes

Hailing from the French city of Nantes, the Scarlet Nantes carrot was first introduced in the USA in the mid-20th century and has steadily become one of our country’s most popular carrot varieties. Scarlet Nantes is a medium sized carrot that is particularly good for juicing. Plant heirloom carrot seeds in full sun or partial shade to grow.

Maturity: 65 days

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