Heirloom Cucumber


Harvesting Cucumber Seeds

Bees pollinate cucumbers and they will cross-pollinate with other cucumber varieties. It you’re planning on saving seed, separate varieties of cucumbers by at least 200 ft. They will not cross with melons or squash. Harvest the seed about 5 weeks after you would have eaten the fruit, when the fruit is yellowing and fat. To prepare the seeds for storage, cut it in half lengthwise and scrape out the seedy pulp. Put the pulp, seeds and all in a bowl of water to ferment. Stir frequently to prevent mold from forming. When the heavy, viable seeds sink to the bottom, drain and rinse them. Let seeds dry on a screen for a week or two. Cucumber seeds are harvested ANNUALLY.


Boston Pickling

Excellent for pickling. However, this variety is also excellent for salads! Plant Boston Pickling Seeds in full or partial sun and enjoy strong yields of tasty cucumbers. 
Maturity: 55 days

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