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Heirloom Lettuce Seeds

Harvest Lettuce Seeds

Since lettuce is self-pollinated, it will almost always “come true” from seed, making it a good choice for seed saving. You can feel comfortable planting seeds of different heirloom lettuce varieties with another crop in between.

Heirloom lettuce seeds don’t harvest all at once, so monitor the bolted plants closely for a month or two. Each time you see some seeds turning dark, shake the plant over a paper bag to catch them. Collected that way, seeds should be fairly clean and should not need much winnowing. Dry indoors a week before storing. Harvest heirloom lettuce seeds annually.

ARK offers heirloom lettuce seed kits, so you can experiment with varieties you may not have had the opportunity to grow before.

Bronze Mignonette Butterhead

A heat-tolerant and slow to bolt butterhead heirloom lettuce variety that has been around for over 100 years. Its bronze leaves are crisp and perfect for salads and sandwiches.
Maturity: 65 days

Little Gem

An ole’ English Heirloom variety. An excellent salad lettuce, Little Gem tends to have a pleasantly distinctive and nutty flavor. All in all, an excellent lettuce worth a try. 
Maturity: 50 days


Rocket Arugula is by far the most popular Arugula variety and the one typically found in your local supermarket or favorite restaurant. “Rocket” is a very attractive, lush green arugula with serrated leaves. Plant Rocket Arugula seeds in either spring or autumn.
Maturity: 40 days

Baby Oakleaf

A timeless classic, gardeners have been growing this variety continuously since prior to the Revolutionary War! A delicious and attractive type, Oakleaf is a strong performer in cool climates.
Maturity: 40-50 days

Salad Bowl – Red

Red Salad Bowl Lettuce is a bronze burgundy version of the Green Salad Bowl variety. Slow to bolt and tolerant to heat. This type is delicious and does not get bitter as it matures. It is also a steady grower even in warmer climates. Delicious and particularly popular for its baby leaves in 28 days. 
Full Maturity: 50

Salad Bowl – Green

Heirloom Green Salad Bowl Leaf Lettuce is slow to bolt and tolerant to heat. This “All-America Selection” winner from 1952 is delicious and does not get bitter as it matures. It is also a steady grower even in warmer climates. 
Full Maturity: 50 days

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