Heirloom Rutabaga


Harvesting Rutabaga Seeds

Store turnips or rutabagas over the winter in a cold area with high humidity or leave outside in areas with mild winters. In the spring, transplant the entire root to its original depth and they will grow in height and then flower. Heirloom rutabaga seeds are mature when pods are dry. Harvest into bags as seed can be lost due to shattering. Or harvest onto a tarp in the morning when plants are still wet with dew. Use a 1/8″ screen to help with cleaning.


American Purple Top

Heirloom rutabagas are a classic “keeper” vegetable for colder climates. The American Purple Top Rutabaga produces very large yellow roots with brilliant purple globes. The succulent flesh turns an orange/yellow color when cooked.
Maturity: 90 days 

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