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Heirloom Spinach Seeds

Harvest Spinach Seeds

Spinach is wind pollinated and difficult to maintain purity of a certain strain if there are any other varieties with 1 mile. The best thing you can do is grow only one variety at a time and weed out any undesirable plant as they appear. You can do this with our heirloom spinach seeds in our ARK seed kits. Heirloom spinach is a cool weather crop and does not thrive in hot weather, so plant outdoors as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring and in late summer for a fall harvest. When the leaves turn yellow, pull up the plant and strip off the seeds with your hands. Dry seeds thoroughly before storing. Heirloom spinach seeds are harvested ANNUALLY.

Bloomsdale Long Standing 

The finest variety on the market today. Deep green leaves produce abundant yields of delicious and nutritious spinach. This is preferred by most home and market vegetable growers. 
Maturity: 45-55 days

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