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Heirloom Squash Seeds

Harvesting Heirloom Squash Seeds

Select your most productive plants with the tastiest fruit for seed saving. Bees pollinate squashes, so they can cross with other varieties. Most winter and summer squashes cannot cross-pollinate. With winter squashes and pumpkins, the seed is ready when the fruit is fully mature. However, with summer squashes, the fruit must stay on the vine about 8 weeks past the stage you would harvest to eat. When you are ready to use and harvest the heirloom squash, cut it in half and scoop out the seeds. Rinse thoroughly with water until slimy, flesh is gone. Then spread out on a screen or towel to dry for 2 weeks before storing. Heirloom squash seeds are harvested ANNUALLY.

Waltham Butternut – Winter

A familiar staple of classic American cooking. Sweet and delicious, the Waltham Butternut Squash is also packed with hordes of beneficial vitamins and nutrients.  The plant will yield 4 to 5 fruit per plant. This heirloom squash is a must for both the novice and expert vegetable gardener!
Maturity: 85-100 days

Black Beauty – Summer

It’s difficult to imagine a more delicious or attractive zucchini squash than the Black Beauty. A very popular variety of summer squash introduced in the 1920s, it’s very dark-green to almost black skin covers tasty and delicate white flesh. Black Beauty Zucchini can be enjoyed either frozen or fresh from the garden, in stir-fries, baked, boiled or raw. 
Maturity: 50 days

Blue Hubbard- Winter

Blue Hubbard is a traditional winter heirloom squash that is a classic Thanksgiving favorite. Delicious baked, this vigorous squash can be stored successfully for months and also routinely produces fruit in the 10 pound and up range, sometimes reaching up to 30 Pounds! Can store up to 6 months in a root cellar. 
Maturity: 110 days

Sugar Pie Pumpkin

Noted as one of the finest pie pumpkins. A staple heirloom baking pumpkin, the “Small Sugar” has been enjoyed around the Thanksgiving table for more than 120 years!  
Maturity: 100 days

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