Heirloom Turnip


Harvesting Turnip Seeds

Turnips are pollinated by bees and will cross readily with other turnips, so you should only allow one type to flower at a time. When selecting summer turnips for seed saving, select those with the best shape, size, and color. Seeds is yellow when mature, later turning to brown. Familiar turnips produce green seedpods by midsummer. These pods will not split open when mature. When the pods turn brown pull up the plant and stack or hang them in a well-ventilated spot to dry. Remove the seeds by hand or put them in a sack and crush them (winnow). Seeds are harvested ANNUALLY.


Purple Top White Globe

A delicious, mildly sweet variety that has been a gardener’s favorite for decades. Use the Purple Top White Globe Turnip in soups, stews, salads – or even eaten raw! 
Maturity: 45-65 days

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