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What sets ARK Heirloom Seed Kits apart?


  1. Packaging: Our seeds are packaged in a high quality, sustainable container or mylar bag, offering 15+ years of shelf life.  An important staple for emergency preparedness!
  2. Seed Count: Our heirloom seed kits include the largest seed counts of high calorie and nutrient dense foods (e.g. beans and root crops) on the market. 
  3. Heirloom and Organic: ALL of our seeds are organic and heirloom; they can be harvested, saved, and shared.  Our seeds are all grown and sourced in the United States.  Types of seeds here
  4. Seed Guide Included: We offer a Seed Guide that educates customers on growing, harvesting, and saving seeds in any climate.

It is important to remember, when buying seeds to ensure they are heirloom and organic.  ARK Seeds offers the highest quality heirloom seeds, which is important to planting and growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs and vital for saving seeds after the season.  

Thank you for growing with ARK Heirloom seed kits!


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