If you’re unsure of what to look for when you’re choosing seeds for your garden, check out this list of the three factors every gardener should consider when selecting their seeds.

They Should Match Your Skill Level

Many people don’t think about the difficulty of growing certain plants when they purchase seeds. However, certain crops have complicated needs that some beginner gardeners may struggle to satisfy. Planting complex produce can detract from the enjoyment of gardening and make the whole activity unrewarding.

To avoid complications, especially as a newbie, consider purchasing seeds that have straightforward requirements. Some typically successful crops include salad greens, carrots, peas, and cucumbers. More challenging plants include eggplant, onion, and cauliflower. Determine which options fit your skill set before buying new seeds.

They Should Have a Healthy History

Plants can suffer from pests and diseases that, in some instances, can threaten the well-being of your entire garden. That’s why we at ARK recommend purchasing organic and heirloom seeds. Organic seeds originate from plants that are grown without pesticides and fertilizers; seeds from these crops provide better, more natural products.

Additionally, consider buying heirloom seeds, which typically have a long history of good health and organic growing methods. Most heirloom plants were first planted before the invention of gardening chemicals, and their longevity makes these seeds far more resistant to disease. A history of healthy yields will make gardening easier and more successful while providing the freshest produce possible.

They Should Fit Your Preferences

Selecting the perfect seeds ultimately comes down to your personal preferences. If you enjoy eating the plants you grow, you’ll find that gardening is a far more enriching and practical hobby. If you’re unsure of what seeds you prefer or you simply can’t decide, consider the meals you can realistically make with the produce. That can help you narrow down which crops will be most helpful for you.

The best way to ensure your garden is successful is to know what to look for when choosing your seeds. By considering these three factors, you’ll set yourself up for bigger, fresher yields and a more enjoyable gardening experience. We at ARK have heirloom seeds for sale to jump-start your gardening endeavors!