Late springtime is a beautiful time if you’re an enthusiastic, green-thumbed individual. If you’re ramping up your backyard garden in the coming days and weeks, it’s often fun to grow certain plants that you’ve never done before. If you’re interested in the latest, most popular vegetable to grow in 2022, read on to learn more! This blog will guide you on the best veggie options for this season and beyond.

Salad Greens Varieties

The National Garden Bureau has declared 2022 the “Year of the Salad Greens.” Luckily, there is a wide variety of salad greens you can plant in your garden, many of which are easy to grow and harvest. The four main Asteraceae and Amaranthaceae families include lettuce, dandelion greens, chicories, and spinach.

In our opinion, lettuce is the simplest leafy green to grow throughout the season. Consider planting Tropicana lettuce, which is exceptionally durable during extended periods of heat—and perfect for a BLT sandwich. Or, try your hand at the delicious oakleaf lettuce “Bauer,” which grows in practically any garden setting, from window boxes and ground beds to greenhouses.

Striped Tomatoes

Now, the National Garden Bureau isn’t the only one that declares the most popular vegetables. Some in the gardening community believe that tomatoes are the veggie of the year, and this fan-favorite is a staple of many spring and summer gardens!

Striped tomatoes, also known as Purple Zebra tomatoes, are large like their beefsteak cousins, but they offer a much richer flavor. Most impressively, these seedlings rarely suffer from diseases. Striped tomatoes ripen early and have a significantly higher yield than similar plants. Try incorporating Purple Zebra into standard dishes, such as a veggie burger or spring salad.


Eggplants are an excellent addition to any backyard garden due to their many health benefits. Often seen as both veggie and fruit, eggplant contains high amounts of antioxidants like anthocyanins. Most impressively, the numerous antioxidants found in this plant help lower the risk of heart disease! They also provide a well-balanced mix of nutrients, like folate, manganese, protein, K vitamins, and C vitamins.

Eggplants thrive outdoors in southern regions of the county—luckily, special care and attention make this a practical plant option for almost any climate and environment. Like tomatoes, eggplant is a nightshade, so it’s highly resistant to disease and pests. Plant eggplant late in spring so you can harvest it in 100-120 days.

Knowing what’s the latest in gardening and the most popular vegetables to grow in 2022 can be a fun way to spruce up your garden this season. As always, we recommend planting heirloom vegetation to avoid disease better and to ensure a rich, robust flavor. We at ARK have the perfect all-in-one seed kit to jump-start your gardening journey!